The search for Sophia was a big part of the first half of The Walking Dead Season 2. With that storyline finally resolved, AMC ran a Q&A with Madison Lintz, who plays Sophia on the show. The Walking Dead is currently on a mid-season break and will return with new episodes on Sunday, February 12th.

**SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't finished the first half of the second season, don't read this interview.**

Q: What was your favorite part of the season this year?

A: There were a lot of favorite parts! Probably just messing around with a lot of the cast and crew. We bring books on set and we'll offer each other books that we're reading and we'll fool around.

Q: Do you and Chandler Riggs hang out?

A: Yeah, being the two only kids on set we stick together. He's a blast to hang out with.

Q: You're one of the youngest actors on the show but you've been acting a long time. Do you ever give pointers to the older actors on the show?

A: Oh no! They're older than me. Everybody on the show gives me advice and I've learned a lot from them.

Q: Who are some of your favorite actors to work with?

A: Definitely Norman Reedus -- I love working with him -- and Melissa [McBride] is amazing. I love her!

Q: What was your reaction when you learned your character was going to turn into a zombie?

A: It was surprising, but I could see how it worked out for the show. And I had to learn to get over it -- every job comes to an end!

Q: Wise words! Were you petitioning the writers to change the script?

A: I had some dreams that someone would say, "Oh guess what? Madison, we're going to make you live and you're going to kill all the zombies and solve the whole show!" It wasn't too bad though.

Q: What about getting to play a zombie -- was that a welcome shift?

A: Being a zombie had its ups and downs. It was kind of disgusting, but it was a really good experience that I'm going to look back on and say that was amazing.

Q: When you were all dressed up in zombie makeup, did you get a chance to look in the mirror?

A: They put me into zombie makeup in front of a mirror so it wasn't like a surprise seeing me as a zombie -- I got to watch it. But I bet if they did it without a mirror I'd be freaked out, because it was pretty nasty!

Q: Did you scare anybody on set when you were in your makeup?

A: Jon [Bernthal] was coming out one day when I was doing my makeup and his eyes doubled in size -- it was hilarious!

Q: What do you like about acting?

A: I love portraying a character and getting to know a person and getting to be that person. It's like my own game of pretend.

Q: Did you keep any souvenirs from the set this year for yourself?

A: I want to get that doll. There was a really weird rock that was a cylinder from the quarry and I still have that. I also have pictures of me dressed as a zombie -- but I'm not actually being a zombie, I'm just smiling with zombie make-up on. I have them on my wall right now but I should send them as Christmas cards! I really want to zombify my room some more. I have a drawer filled with the scripts that I have and set shirts and all that.

Q: Are you a fan of scary movies?

A: I hate them, I really do! Every time I watch a scary movie I am like under the couch the entire time.

Source: AMC