Every Friday, encore showings of The Walking Dead Season 2 on AMC feature “Story Notes”, which include trivia and behind-the-scenes information related to the episode. If you missed out on last week’s story notes from episode 4, we have the full list of trivia items, fun facts, and quotes from the cast and crew.

Biography Notes
Lauren Cohan (Maggie) learned to ride horses for her role as an equestrian heiress on Chuck.

If there really was a zombie apocalypse, Chandler Riggs (Carl) would miss video games the most.

Casting Notes
Patricia is played by Jane McNeill, a stage actress in her first recurring TV role.

Steven Yeun (Glenn) joked that Natalie Portman should play Maggie, but he loves Lauren Cohan.

The bloated "well" zombie is played by special effects makeup artist Brian Keith Hillard.

Character Notes
Steven Yeun (Glenn) has called his character "the scavenger of the group."

Jon Bernthal feels Shane shares traits with three characters from Shakespeare's Othello. He has Iago's villainy, Cassio's nobility, and Othello's jealousy.

Steven Yeun says that Glenn's mantra is to always be valuable to the group.

Sarah Wayne Callies sees Lori as a woman who defines herself as a wife and mother.

Location Notes
The Appalachian Mountains extend almost 1500 miles north from Georgia, all the way to Canada.

The abandoned farmhouse that Daryl searches was found near Griffin, GA, home of gunslinging dentist Doc Holliday.

Music Notes
Composer Bear McCreary says silence can be just as effective as music to create tension. "[When] you don't hear anything -- you don't know what's going to happen."

Composer Bear McCreary was influenced by Bernard Herrmann's work in Hitchcock films like Psycho.

Plot Notes
Until Hershel tells him otherwise, Rick thought the group would be living on Hershel's farm for a while.

Prop Notes
Rick's Colt Python is reliable for self defense, but Shane's Glock 17 is lighter and faster.

Rick's hat is a 7 1/4 " Stetson with gold double rope and shiny acorns. Chandler Riggs (Carl) was looking forward to getting the hat, a key moment for his character in the comics.

Quote Notes
Creator Robert Kirkman: "All zombie movies, books, and comics...focus on the characters. What The Walking Dead does differently is that it takes that focus on the character and magnifies it."

Andrew Lincoln (Rick) calls this farm "an incredible place... after what we've been through."

Jon Bernthal (Shane): "We're really going to see Shane come more and more unraveled."

Jon Bernthal (Shane): "He...got a taste of something that he probably never should have had a taste of... and that's power...love...this relationship with Carl, and [now] that's completely shattered."

Laurie Holden (Andrea): "Andrea's made a solid choice in season 2 that she's not gonna be a victim. If she has to be in this world, she's gonna go down her way."

Norman Reedus (Daryl): "I'm sort of like this pet snake. Somebody that's around all the time and works with all these people, but he might snap at any second."

Exec. Prod. Greg Nicotero: "[The well walker] took us five weeks to build. It's the most elaborate thing we did. Within an hour of us putting the last snap on the closure of the suit, we were on-set shooting it."

Laurie Holden on Andrea: "I don't think she will be without a gun for long."

Creator Robert Kirkman: "It's gonna be a lot of fun seeing a potential love interest for Glenn. He ended up being a fan favorite in the first season, so we get to see a little bit of romance for this guy."

Lauren Cohan on Maggie: "She wears jeans, kick-ass boots and rides a horse. She's very steely and views Glenn as a leader and the cutest of the bunch."

Melissa Suzanne McBride (Carol): "She likes things orderly because if it's not, there's a price to pay. And, as odd as it is, doing something normal is a way to escape what's happening."

Andrew Lincoln says, "Rick is not the kind of guy who would think of himself as a hero. He's not that vain."

Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori): "This is a series about a family and survival, and...what it means to be human."

Recap Notes
Sophia, the only other kid in this group, has been missing in the woods for 2 days.

On the highway, T-Dog accused the group of being racist and tried to get Dale to leave with him.

While looking for Sophia in a church, Rick asked God to give him a sign that he was doing the right thing.

Hershel never had a son of his own, but his stepson, Shawn, was attacked by zombies.

Set Notes
In this episode, Shane is wearing the overalls of the man he killed. They are four sizes larger than his normal clothes.

Jon Bernthal (Shane) didn't love his new haircut. He joked about using "Chia Pet juice" to grow it back.

The well on Hershel's farm was built by the show's design team and is actually only a few feet deep. They filmed interior shots on a separate stage designed to look like the inside of a well.

Steven Yeun (Glenn) was so grossed out by the well zombie that he threw up during one of the takes.

Script Notes
Rick's line: "Just a uniform. They don't mean anything now," was cut and conveyed by his expression instead.

Survival Notes
Adrenaline boosts heart-rate, shrinks blood vessels, and opens air passages to prepare for danger.

Symbolism Notes
The white petals represent the Cherokees' tears and the gold center, the gold taken from their lands. The seven leaves on each stem stand for the seven Cherokee clans.

Tech Notes
The actor playing the well walker wore blue leggings that were isolated and removed with computer graphics.

Trivia Notes
At Otis's funeral, the group is building up a pile of stones called a cairn. Since prehistoric times, cairns have been used as landmarks for trails, summits... and graves.

Wells provide one third of Georgia's drinking water supply.

Most condoms today are latex, but the first ones were made from intestines, bladders or linen.

The Cherokee Rose is Georgia's state flower and is native to southern China and Taiwan.

Rick and Carl both have blue eyes. Scientists believe all people with blue eyes share a common ancestor.

Source: AMC