You may not realize it, but creating a zombie isn't just about the make-up and the "zombie walk". Each zombie in The Walking Dead also has unique "zombie clothing", and the latest video from AMC takes you behind-the-scenes with costume designer Eulyn Womble.

"They say, "Clothes make the man." What's true in life is true in death. Case in point: The Walking Dead's zombie wardrobe, which reveals as much about each zombie's back story as any gaping wounds do. In this new behind-the-scenes video, The Walking Dead's costume designer Eulyn Womble talks about dressing the show's undead extras. (Hint: "We had to do some impromptu burning in the parking lot.") Watch the video now to see for yourself the latest in zombie couture."

The Walking Dead returns with a 90-minute premiere episode on Sunday, October 16th at 9PM.

*Note AMC region locks videos for rights reasons and not all countries may be able to view this video.