Similar to the photo opportunity with Merle at SDCC last year, you'll have an opportunity to take a photo with Michonne and her zombie pets on the show floor this week. Those who dress up as a zombie can stop by The Walking Dead booth at any time to receive an exclusive Michonne trading card. We also have a photo from Skybound that shows Danai Gurira facing off against the Michonne action figure.

The “Bloody Michonne” figure seen below is also an SDCC exlusive and include a blood-splattered poncho, sword, hammer, pliers, a power drill, and the packaging artwork from Charlie Adlard. The figure will be priced at $25 and will be available at the Skybound booth.

If you're headed to SDCC, here is a list of exclusive items from The Walking Dead that you'll want to keep an eye out for:

[Source: Card via TVLine, Figure Photo via Skybound]

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