Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, and the rest of the group may have found a moment of peace within the walls of the Alexandria Safe Zone, but fans of AMC's The Walking Dead know that with the season finale just five episodes away, there will likely be plenty of walker and human-fueled mayhem before this season takes its bow (especially with the fiendish folks who destroyed Noah's hometown still on the prowl). No matter what happens in this season's finale, though, it's just been guaranteed that there will be a little more to enjoy, as the final season five episode's runtime has officially been extended to 90 minutes.

TheWalkingDead.com recently made the extended runtime statement via Twitter, confirming EW writer Dalton Ross' initial announcement. Though the title and synopsis for the finale have yet to be revealed, it is known that Greg Nicotero directed the episode, which will air on Sunday, March 29th, at 9:00pm EST. This season, special effects guru Nicotero helmed the premiere, "No Sanctuary", as well as the mid-season premiere, "What Happened and What's Going On", and the next episode, "Remember":

Episode 512: "Remember" - "The group has a difficult time molding to a new lifestyle, forcing them to consider whether they can be the people they once were."

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