Every year, Anchor Bay Entertainment releases a limited edition Blu-ray with a walker case created by McFarlane Toys for the latest season of The Walking Dead, and today they unveiled the first look at Season 6's walker case that's due out in November, along with special Season 6 Blu-rays that will be available on August 23rd exclusively at Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, respectively:

Press Release: One of the most highly anticipated annual traditions for “The Walking Dead” fans all over the world, Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON Blu-ray™ + Digital HD Limited Edition set November 2016. McFarlane Toys has done it again creating a striking, must-own packaging concept. This year’s Limited Edition features the “truck” walker, from the infamous rock quarry in the very first episode of Season 6. Handsomely crafted and intricately detailed, the figurine is based on the original walker designed by award-winning SFX make-up Supervisor and Executive Producer, Greg Nicotero. Packaging also includes a collectible 5-disc Blu-ray™ set digipack with exclusive “walker” cover art available only with this set. SRP is $149.99, and available for pre-order now on Amazon.com.

For fans who don't want to wait until November for the Limited Edition, Anchor Bay will be releasing THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON on Blu-ray™ + Digital HD and DVD on August 23, including various retailer exclusives at Target, Best Buy and Walmart.

Editor's Note: The Walking Dead Limited Edition Blu-ray is not currently available to pre-order on Amazon.com in the US, but the regular edition is up for pre-order.

Season 6 Collector's Edition Blu-ray case:

Target Exclusive Season 6 Blu-ray:

Walmart Exclusive Season 6 Blu-ray with Bonus Disc:

Best Buy Exclusive Season 6 Blu-ray:

Standard Edition Season 6 Blu-ray / DVD:

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