Those who closely followed the making of The Walking Dead were concerned when TV series creator and showrunner Frank Darabont was replaced by Glen Mazzara early into the filming of Season 2. The second season went on to broke cable records and many thought the later episodes were some of the best in the series, but it wasn't a guaranteed success.

Glen Mazzara recently took part in a Emmy showrunners discussion with THR and talks about taking over for Frank Darabont, the challenges he faced, and how he overcame them to deliver a successful record-breaking season. 

"I went in, listened to [them] and said, 'I’m not going to be the new sheriff in town. We all have to pull together, get through this crisis, and I’m not going to try to be Frank Darabont. That’s not fair to Frank; that’s not fair to me. There’ll be a script coming down the road that will be in my voice.'...

...I listened to all of the notes, rewrote it and listened. I think that made them feel better, and the next script was OK. I went back to the writers room, which is in L.A., and I said, 'You know, everyone expects us to fail. We have to pull together.'"

We highly recommend watching the entire video below. To learn more about the making of The Walking Dead Season 2, read our previously published Season 2 post-mortem with Glen Mazzara:

Source: THR
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