When we talked to Glen Mazzara earlier this year, he said that there were a number of genre projects he was considering after leaving The Walking Dead. We recently reported that he signed a deal with FOX TV to develop a cable series and now it's being reported that he could be writing a prequel to The Shining for Warner Bros.

According to Deadline, Mazzara is currently in talks to write The Overlook Hotel, a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining movie, as opposed to Stephen King's novel. This isn't a done deal yet, but we'll report as soon as it is official. The project is being developed at Warner Bros. and will be produced by Bradley Fischer, James Vanderbilt and Laeta Kalogridis at Mythology Entertainment, a newer production company that was involved with White House Down.

This project was first mentioned last July, but is obviously still in the early development stages. We expect much more information once Glen Mazzara's involvement becomes official. To read about Mazzara's new deal with FOX TV, read our recent coverage at: http://dailydead.com/the-walking-deads-glen-mazzara-forms-new-production-company/

Source: Deadline