The Revenant will be released to select theaters and VOD on August 24th, and we have theatrical screening details, along with new new clips. The zombie comedy is directed by Kerry Prior and stars David Anders, Chris Wylde, Louise Griffiths, Jacy King.

"This breakout horror comedy centers around a fallen soldier who somehow finds he has joined the ranks of the living dead. Bart Gregory (Anders) has just recently been laid to rest - so why is he still up and walking around? The only person Bart can turn to for answers is his best friend Joey (Wylde), and before long the two pals have surmised that blood is life. In order to survive, Bart requires a steady supply of it.

Convinced that no one will miss the drug dealers and killers who have transformed LA into a swirling cesspool of crime and vice, the two friends decide to do law enforcement a favor by cleaning up the streets while collecting the precious blood needed to keep poor Bart from withering away into dust!"

The theatrical run is very limited, but here is a list of locations and dates in the United States:

August 24, 2012
Phoenix, AZ - Valley Art
Portland, OR - Hollywood Theater
Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center
New York, NY - Cinema Village
Austin, TX - Drafthouse S Lamar

August 31, 2012
Denver, CO - Colfax 3
Omaha, NE - Dundee Theater

September 7, 2012
Durham, NC - Carolina Theater

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