Annihilation, the third Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack has officially been announced. Set for release on the Xbox 360 on June 28th, the pack includes four new maps (Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo and Hazard), along with a brand new zombies map:

“With Annihilation, Black Ops fans will get four exciting and unique multiplayer settings with Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo and Hazard,” said Treyarch boss Mark Lamia. “Players will also enjoy an all-new Zombies experience, Shangri-La, an exotic and mysterious map filled with deadly traps, dark secrets and innovative gameplay that will challenge even the most daring Zombie hunters.”

While the price of the map pack has not yet been announced, we expect it to the same $15 price of the previous map pack releases. This is an Xbox 360 exclusive initially, but the PS3 and PC should see the maps released at a later date.