From Beetlejuice to Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow to Alice in Wonderland and beyond, Tim Burton's influence can be felt while grabbing a bite to eat or a drink to enjoy at Beetle House, a new Burton-based bar and restaurant opening in New York City's East Village.

EW recently shared the news about the Tim Burton-themed bar, which is currently opening its doors for those who made special reservations for their preview night week. Beetle House will have its official grand opening on Friday, May 6th. Those looking to dine in Burton nirvana will have to make reservations, although a select group of menu items will be available for delivery.

Created by the same people behind the Will Ferrell-themed bar, Stay Classy New York, Beetle House features drink and food menus that pay tribute to Burton's movies. Drinks include "The Jack Skellington", "This is Halloween!", "We Come in Peace" (a reference to Mars Attacks!), "The Headless Horseman", and, of course, "Beetlejuice", to name a few.

Also showing their appreciation of Burton are the menu's food items, highlighted by "Sweeney Beef", "Eggs Skellington", and "Cheshire Mac." For dessert, a guest can sink their sweet tooth into a "Warm Wonka Bar Chocolate Cake."

Below, we have a look at some of Beetle House's drink selections (via Facebook). No photos focused on the interior of the bar and restaurant have been officially revealed yet, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further details. In the meantime, to learn more, visit:

Source: EW
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