With their IT (2017) Ultimate Pennywise figure, NECA brought a scary slice of Derry to New York City for Toy Fair 2018, but they also paid tribute to Tim Curry, the actor who first played the iconic character from Stephen King's 1986 novel. 

Due out this August, NECA's other Ultimate Pennywise figure depicts the character's appearance in the 1990 miniseries, in which the evil entity was played by Curry, who gleefully tormented the Losers' Club. You can view full details and photos of the collectible below, and check here for all of our Toy Fair 2018 coverage!

Ultimate Pennywise Figure: "NECA is thrilled to present one of our most frequently requested action figures of all time! From the revered 1990 horror mini-series Stephen King’s IT, Pennywise the killer clown takes action figure form.

Based on Tim Curry’s portrayal of the terrifying clown, this 7” scale figure is faithful to his on-screen appearance and packed with detail and accessories. Pennywise is fully articulated and features a total of four interchangeable heads, plus alternate monster hands, noisemaker, bunch of balloons and paper boat. Comes in collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

Release Date: August 2018"

Photos from NECA:

Derek Anderson
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