Although its home media release date in the US hasn't arrived yet (but is right around the corner), the South Korean zombie film Train to Busan is already being eyed for an English language version.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the French studio Gaumont has acquired US remake rights for Train to Busan.

Following its debut at Cannes earlier this year, Train to Busan has been a huge hit in South Korea, where it has grossed upwards of $83.5 million.

Here's what Gaumont CEO Sidonie Dumas had to say about the acquisition (via THR):

"We've been chasing this remake since the Cannes Film Festival where the whole team loved it so much, and we are excited to start working on the U.S. adaptation that will mark our foray into English language movies in Los Angeles."

At this time, no writer, director, or cast members are attached to the project, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further details. In the meantime, for those unfamiliar with the original Train to Busan, we have the official synopsis and trailer:

"TRAIN TO BUSAN is a harrowing zombie horror-thriller that follows a group of terrified passengers fighting their way through a countrywide viral outbreak, trapped on a suspicion-filled, blood-drenched bullet train ride to the Safe Zone…which may or may not still be there."

Source: THR
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