He'll make you pay if you disobey the sacred rules of Halloween. The fan favorite character Sam from 2007's Trick ’r Treat may have a mean streak for people who disrespect All Hallows' Eve, but those who embrace the festiveness of fall can bring the burlap sack-clad creature into their homes with AtmosFX's new digital decoration.

Featuring new vignettes starring Sam on Halloween night, the new Trick ’r Treat digital decoration is a collaboration between AtmosFX, Legendary Pictures, and writer/director Michael Dougherty.

You can display the Sam vignettes on your TV screen, monitor, or house windows (if you use a projector and hang a sheet over the glass) beginning in late September when the digital decoration is released.

For more information, we have official details and a behind-the-scenes video below, and to learn more, visit AtmosFX's official website.

From AtmosFX: "AtmosFX, Legendary Pictures, and filmmaker Michael Dougherty have joined together to create a stunning new digital decoration that captures the spirit of Dougherty’s 2007 indie horror classic “Trick ’r Treat.”

The AtmosFX “Trick ’r Treat” Digital Decoration features Sam, the mysterious child in the burlap-sack mask, who ties together the feature film’s intertwined Halloween-themed stories. These all-new vignettes will remain true to the theme of the original movie, in which Sam dispenses his own unique brand of grisly justice on anyone who does not adhere to the traditions of Halloween.

Like its R-rated film counterpart, this digital decoration features horror-themed content and is not suitable for younger audiences.

AtmosFX’s “Trick ’r Treat” Digital Decoration will be available as a high-definition (1080p) digital download in late September, 2016."

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