A toxic spill mutates what should be a relaxing summer into a monstrous nightmare for best friends Ben and Leo in Toxic Summer, a sun-soaked and frightfully fun new comic book series from writer/artist Derek Charm. With Toxic Summer #2 swimming onto shelves via Oni Press beginning July 3rd (just in time to bring to the beach for Fourth of July festivities), Daily Dead is thrilled to exclusively share preview pages from the second issue in which Ben and Leo meet with their new friend Amy and her dad, Roger, to discuss how to put a stop to the ancient oceanic curse that's plaguing the town and turning their summer into a major bummer.

Below, you can check out our exclusive preview pages from Toxic Summer #2, and in case you missed it, read our previous Q&A with Derek Charm to learn more about his eerily entertaining comic book series!

(W) Derek Charm
(A/CA) Derek Charm

BEACH BLANKET BLOODBATH! Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Derek Charm (Jughead) is headed back to the beach for the next suntan lotion-lathered chapter of the summer's most tongue-in-cheek frightfest!

Ben and Leo arrive at the bonfire beach party ready to cut loose, only to find the site seemingly abandoned in the wake of the attack . . . until Amy nabs them from her hiding place! Together they learn from Roger-Amy's dad and the same man they rescued in a catatonic state in the ocean with GLOWING EYES the night before-that this toxic spill and the emergence of tentacled monsters from the deep began right after he removed an ancient relic of a highly advanced civilization from the ocean floor. Is there still time to return it and get this sexy summer back on track?

In Shops: Jul 03, 2024
SRP: $4.99

Exclusive Preview:

Cover Art by Derek Charm:

Variant Cover Art by Nick Cagnetti:

Variant Cover Art by Alexis Ziritt:

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    About the Author - Derek Anderson

    Raised on a steady diet of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Derek has been fascinated with fear since he first saw ForeverWare being used on an episode of Eerie, Indiana.

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