Usually you would fend them off with bullets, bats, and even your hands, but in the world of Undead Overlord, you control the zombies who seek to sink their teeth into the living's flesh. Humans are the enemy, and they better start running or gunning to survive your living dead legion in Undead Overlord, a new game from JumpCore Productions that is now available on Steam as an early access offering.

Early Access is for gamers that are looking to try out a game while it is still in development. While the game should be relatively stable, it’s not the final version, but it will allow you to help support the developers and improve the game. An Alpha 1 release, Undead Overlord includes three story missions for gamers to explore, as well as an alphaTest sandbox mode exclusive to those who play the game's early access version. More missions will be added to Undead Overlord as the game moves forward in development. To learn more, visit:

You can also check out our Q&A with JumpCore Productions founder Cameron Petty:

Pleasant Hill, California, July 18th 2014 – "Nine months after storming through Steam Greenlight, JumpCore Productions is proudly releasing the alpha version of "Undead Overlord" onto the Steam Early Access program.

In Undead Overlord, you become the driving force behind the zombie apocalypse. You control the zombie horde. Bring civilization to its knees - or be driven back by pestilent human resistance.

In this Alpha 1 release you experience the beginnings of the reign of the Undead Overlord with three story missions, a skirmish map, and a special alphaTest sandbox mode available only to those who take part in the game’s Early Access program. Players who join early will find a game that's fun and unique, but also rough around the edges and far from its final form. Their support and feedback will be vital to seeing Undead Overlord through to its full potential, and they'll also uniquely experience the game’s growth as more missions, more maps, and new features are added."


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