Last week, there was an announcement that George Eastman House's Dryden Theater in Rochester, NY would be screening a rare uncut version of The Shining, which included additional ending footage.

Unfortunately, we've been contacted by George Eastman House and they let us know that there was a cataloging error that referenced additional footage and that they do not actually have the rare uncut print:

"It has come to our attention the print of the film we will be showing does not in fact have the two-minute final scene that Mr. Kubrick cut following the film's initial screenings.

The version of 'The Shining' screening at Eastman House will be the 142-minute extended U.S. version that includes footage Mr. Kubrick subsequently cut from the European release."

As so many sites ran the story and we know many people were planning on attending the screening just for the additional footage (including us), we felt it was worth it to post this as a full news story. For those still interested, the Dryden Theater will still be screening The Shining and other horror films in October. For more information, visit: