Yesterday, we gave you an early look at the trailer for Episode 4 of The Walking Dead video game that premiered as part an IGN YouTube show. We now have the separate trailer for you to watch and a couple of new screenshots.

Episode 4 is titled Around Every Corner and is tentatively scheduled for release in October. A specific date for each platform has not yet been announced, but this is similar to how the previous episode releases were handled. The lack of an exact date is due to the approval process that each platform has, but we should see the PC, Xbox LIVE, PlayStation, and Mac version before the end of the month.

Episode 5 is titled No Time Left and is expected in late November/early December. A boxed release that contains all five episodes is also expected in December for those that are waiting to play them all at once. For more details on the third episode of The Walking Dead video game, visit our earlier coverage at:

Source: Telltale Games