After grossing than $850 million at the global box office, it's no surprise that Sony Pictures is moving forward with a sequel to Venom.

According to multiple sources, including Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures has set Venom co-writer and executive producer Kelly Marcel to return to write and executive produce the sequel to the 2018 movie.

According to Variety, Tom Hardy will return as Eddie Brock, a persistent reporter who makes a transformative connection with an alien symbiote with a hunger for human heads in the first movie. Hardy is expected to be joined in the sequel by returning co-star Michelle Williams (as Brock's ex-fiancée Anne Weying) and Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, a ruthless and downright deadly villain from the pages of Marvel Comics.

While Ruben Fleischer directed Venom, it's not yet known if he'll return to helm the follow-up film (he'll also be plenty busy working on the Zombieland sequel that's due out this October).

Before helping to bring the Marvel Comics character Venom to life on the big screen, Marcel was co-creator (along with Craig Silverstein) of the TV series Terra Nova, wrote the screenplay for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie (based on E.L. James' novel of the same name), and co-wrote the upcoming Cruella film.

The Venom sequel could come out on October 2nd, 2020, as according to Variety, Sony Pictures previously reserved  that slot for an untitled "Sony-Marvel" sequel, but Sony has yet to confirm an official release date, and it's important to note that the company has also not officially commented on Marcel's involvement with the sequel.

Either way, we'll be sure to keep Daily Dead readers updated on further news regarding the Venom sequel, and in case you missed it, the first film was recently released on home media.

Source: Variety
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