A knock on his mobile home door one dark and stormy night leads to haunting reflections, shocking revelations, and eerie interactions for a lonesome man and his mysterious visitor in You'll Never Find Me. Directed by Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell (who also wrote the screenplay), You'll Never Find Me is now streaming on Shudder, and Daily Dead recently caught up with Josiah and Indianna to discuss their ambitious feature film directorial debut, including keeping things fresh while filming in a singular location, building a sense of dread through the movie's powerful (and, at times, nautically inspired) sound design, and working with actors Brendan Rock and Jordan Cowan to create a psychologically compelling (and potentially deadly) game of cat-and-mouse between their characters.

You can watch our full video interview with Josiah and Indianna below, and we also have the official trailer and synopsis with additional details on You'll Never Find Me.

Synopsis: When an isolated man living at the back of a desolate caravan park is visited by a desperate young woman seeking shelter from a violent storm. As the savage storm worsens, these solitary souls begin to feel threatened - but who should really be afraid?

Directors: Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell

Screenwriter: Indianna Bell

Starring: Brendan Rock and Jordan Cowan

Producers: Christine Williams, Indianna Bell, Josiah Allen, and Jordan Cowan

Executive Producers: Chris Cowan, John Hood, Margo Hill-Smith, James Newton, Caitlin Palowski, John Chataway, Ari Harrison, and Shaun Miller

Director of Photography: Maxx Corkindale

Editor: Josiah Allen

Language: English

Running Time: 96 mins

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