Seeking shelter from a blizzard during Christmastime, two hikers (played by Scout Taylor-Compton and Connor Paolo) get more than they bargained for when they break into the house of a mother (Chrissy Metz) and her daughter (Annalise Basso), who are harboring a transformative—and deadly—secret in the new (and very aptly named) holiday horror film A Creature Was Stirring.

An eerily unpredictable and intensely entertaining gift for horror fans to unwrap this holiday season, A Creature Was Stirring is coming to theaters on December 8th and Digital on December 12th via Well Go USA.

In a new video interview, Daily Dead had the great pleasure of catching up with star Scout Taylor-Compton and director Damien LeVeck to discuss the making of their ambitious new movie, from Shannon Wells' impressive script and the movie's exploration of damaging addictions to bringing the film's haunting creature to life with palpable practical effects and working with Chrissy Metz on her first horror film!

Below, you can watch our full video interview with Scout Taylor-Compton and Damien LeVeck, and we've also been provided with an exclusive clip to share with Daily Dead readers! To learn more about A Creature Was Stirring and to see if it's playing in a theater near you, visit:

Directed by Damien LeVeck, written by Shannon Wells, and produced by Natalie Leveck & Aaron B. Koontz, A Creature Was Stirring stars Chrissy Metz, Annalise Basso, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Connor Paolo.

Synopsis: "Faith (Chrissy Metz) keeps her troubled teenage daughter (Annalise Basso) on a tightly controlled regimen of experimental drugs, their only means of fending off a mysterious, terrifying affliction. But after two burglars (Scout Taylor-Compton, Connor Paolo) attempt to rob the home on Christmas, they stumble upon a long-kept family secret—with monstrous consequences."

Exclusive Clip:

Official Trailer:

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