As part of yesterday's Silent Hill: Revelation 3D panel, it was officially announced that a Silent Hill-themed maze will be coming to Universal Halloween Horror Nights in both Orlando and Hollywood. We have the official announcement trailer that was shown at the panel and a teaser image.

Here are some quotes from the panel, that give you an idea of what to expect:

Silent Hill is coming this Fall to Halloween Horror Nights... The horror of the sleepy vacation town is meticulously recreated on the movie-qualities sets is the scariest destination this Halloween! As the crowd erupts into applause, Silent Hill Producer Tomm Hullett, Creative Director for Halloween Horror Nights John Murdy, and Orlando Show Director Patrick Braillard took the stage.

First to speak was John, confirming that Silent Hill was coming to Halloween Horror Nights in both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort. He spoke of the origins of idea was reached after first meeting Tomm from Konami. “It was a perfect fit,” John admitted, “the passion for detail, I couldn’t be more thrilled with Konami helping bring Silent Hill to life.”

Tomm, Creative Producer of several Silent Hill titles assured fans, “They did do their homework, and it’s going to be a cool maze.” When asked by the moderator what we will see of Silent Hill in the attraction, John was quick to reply, “All of it,” followed by, “With so much to draw from, we want to do as much as we can from it as we can.” He continued by praising the many great characters and environments they hope to recreate in the attraction, including Fog World, Other World, and many more. “First you’ll see the movie,” Michael chimed in, “then you’ll be in the movie.”


The Walking Dead is also one of the new mazes and we'll let you know as soon as more details are revealed. If you missed the first clip from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, featuring everyone's favorite nurses, check it out at:

Source: Konami