As interest rises in America for Mexican horror, many streaming services are streaming new Mexican horror films, including Vix+.

Vix+, the largest Spanish-language streaming service, owned by TelevisaUnivision, has released three new original Mexican horror films, for fans of Spanish-language horror. These films vary from creepy supernatural to a slow-burn family tragedy, to a zombie rollercoaster ride.


Director: Chava Cartas

Starring: Iñaki Godoy, Marcelo Barcelo, and Roberta Damián

While getting ready for a Halloween party, a zombie apocalypse explodes in a private gated community, threatening everyone inside the community. It’s up to an unlikely group of teenagers, with the unexpected help of a local Narco leader, to stop the zombies, before they break out of the gates and potentially start a global zombie apocalypse.

Mexzombies is a love letter to pop culture cinema, referencing Rambo, Guillermo del Toro, and everything in between. Combining a coming-of-age story like The Breakfast Club, with the action of the zombie adventure of ZombielandMexzombies is a fun horror comedy.

El Vestido de La Novia:

Director: Roque Falabella

Starring: Cristina Rodlo, Tato Alexander, and Claudia Lobo

As bride-to-be Sara and her loving fiancé are getting the final arrangements done for their rapidly arriving wedding day, she still does not have a dress. After unknowingly buying a stunning but haunted wedding dress, with a deadly past, at an antique shop, Sara starts to experience horrific supernatural events and visions, driving her sanity into a dark downward spiral.

El Vestido de La Novia takes is a unique look into the self-conflicted drama and stress we create about the traditions and expectations of weddings. It also explores the innermost fears many of us face when taking that major step into marriage, forever changing our life.


Director: Luis Mandoki

Starring: Alberto Ammann, Yalitza Aparico, Andrea Santibañez, and Leo Danes Alos

Several years after a horrific tragedy at a family’s summer cabin, the owner sends his son Victor to the cabin, to get it ready to sell. However, after another horrible family tragedy, Victor begins an obsessive investigation to find the causes of these painful events, before another one destroys him and his family.

Presencias is a slow-burn family drama, with a strong emphasis on the fear of the unknown. The setting of the film in a small village adds beauty, but also a feeling of suffocating isolation.


Vix+ is available in the United States and Latin America. The streaming service and films can also be accessed through, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Sling TV.

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