Collectively comprising the first 96 issues of Robert Kirkman's seminal comic book series, the first two compendiums of The Walking Dead offer a cost-effective doorway to all the thrills, chills, and intriguing characters residing in the panels of Kirkman's living dead world. Next fall, readers both old and new to The Walking Dead can collect the latest one-third of the series with the release of The Walking Dead Compendium Three. We have a look at the upcoming compendium's cover art that features Negan, Lucille, Jesus, Dwight, and a few faces familiar to fans of the AMC TV series adaptation.

Hitting shelves in October before the premiere of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, The Walking Dead Compendium Three will contain issues 97 – 144 (eight of which have not yet been released), aka the softcover volumes 17 – 24. Certainly one of the compendium's highlights is the 12-issue All Out War story arc in which the comic book's carnage reaches new heights.

Also due out this year are the softcover Volumes 23 and 24 and the eleventh hardcover book, while the twelfth hardcover book and sixth omnibus are slated for release in 2016. Below, we have a look at the cover art for The Walking Dead Compendium Three (courtesy of

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