From Mandy and Colossal to Archenemy and Memory: The Origins of Alien, Legion M has been behind some of the most intriguing genre films in recent years, and the fan-owned entertainment company looks to continue that impressive streak with one of their next movies, The Man in the White Van. Based on true events and set on Halloween of 1974, The Man in the White Van recently finished shooting, and we've been provided with a behind-the-scenes video to share with Daily Dead readers!

Below, you can get an in-depth look at the making of The Man in the White Van in the behind-the-scenes video featuring cast members Madison Wolfe, Brec Bassinger, Sean Astin, and more!

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"Starring Madison Wolfe, Brec Bassinger, Sean Astin, Ali Larter, Gavin Warren and Skai Jackson – this true-crime, Hitchcockian thriller set in 1974 Florida follows an ominous white van that begins stalking a young girl leading to a terrifying Halloween nightmare."

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