On Sunday, October 16th, AMC will take a look back at the blood-soaked adventures of Rick Grimes' group with The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far two-hour retrospective, and a new clip from the special reflects on one of the series' classic moments from the first season.

The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far will air this upcoming Sunday night at 9:00pm ET as part of AMC's FearFest.

From the Press Release: "To mark the 20th anniversary of AMC FearFest, one of TV’s longest-running annual thematic programming celebrations, the network will offer the largest collection of horror and genre film titles in its history. AMC FearFest, which provided a launching pad for “The Walking Dead” when the show premiered in 2010, this year will feature more than 400 hours of horror and genre programming, including a full 88-hour six-season catch-up marathon of every episode of “The Walking Dead,” an all-new two-hour retrospective special and the highly anticipated season seven premiere on October 23."

Note: This video may not play in countries outside of the US. We will post an international embed as soon as one becomes available.

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