A high school becomes a buffet for a hungry creature with a taste for human flesh in the short film Troubled Youth. Written, directed, and edited by Emily Dell, Troubled Youth received over three million views since it premiered on Crypt TV, and we have a look at the full short film for Daily Dead readers to enjoy.

The creature for Troubled Youth was created by Chloe Sense and Kaeghlan Ashley, and while the monster's name may be Fluffy, don't let that fool you: this is one supremely creepy creature that gives a whole new meaning to "school lunch."

Featuring a twisted blend of horror and humor, Troubled Youth showcases a cast that includes Christopher Westbrook, Abbey May, Avra Friedman, Noam Sigler, Cami Marie, and Gordon Tarpley. You can experience a new kind of high school horror by watching the full short film below, courtesy of Crypt TV.

  • Derek Anderson
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