Seeking fame and answers to ominous questions, a journalism student and a singer try to discover why so many famous musicians have died at the age of 27 over the years, but they may not like what they find in the new horror movie The 27 Club. With the film now on VOD platforms from Cleopatra Entertainment, we've been provided with an exclusive clip to share with Daily Dead readers.

Below, you can watch a spooky séance take place in our exclusive clip from The 27 Club, and read the previous press release for more info on the film:

"Cleopatra Entertainment has set a release date for their production THE 27 CLUB, a supernatural rock ’n roll horror-thriller directed by Patrick Fogarty and written by Joe Flanders, Fogarty, and Michael Lynn. The film features multi-platinum recording artist/producer and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominee Todd Rundgren in his feature film debut (partially-filmed at a real indie record store - Record Surplus - in Los Angeles) alongside Maddisyn Carter, John Hennigan, Eugene Henderson, Zach Paul Brown, and Gogo Lomo-David. Executive Produced by Brian Perera and produced by David Sterling, Kelly Decker, Tim Yasui, and Ken Tighe, THE 27 CLUB premieres on Tuesday, April 23rd worldwide on all VOD platforms.

Why did Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain all die at the age of 27? When an aspiring singer and a journalism student seek answers to the notorious curse of the so-called "27 Club,” they find themselves trapped in an evil underworld that takes artists’ souls as payment for eternal fame.

"A lot of friends and family have suggested that I would make good movie villain,” says the music legend, Todd Rundgren, about his debut. “I thought, ‘OK, as long as I’m a handsome villain like Dracula or something.’ Turns out my debut is not quite that. Still, you have to start somewhere and a slobbering ghoul, though not handsome, certainly should satisfy anyone interested in my villainous side”

THE 27 CLUB will also be released in a limited-edition BLU RAY/DVD/CD Soundtrack format packaged in a gorgeous, six-panel Digi-Pak on June 11th, 2019. The Soundtrack includes original songs by EVANTE, KNOX, JÜRGEN ENGLER (DIE KRUPPS), GERI-X and TODD RUNDGREN with TRENT REZNOR. A stand-alone Vinyl version of the Soundtrack will also be released thru Cleopatra’s music division, Cleopatra Records.


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