We've shown you a number of bonus feature clips from upcoming release of The Walking Dead Season 2 Blu-ray/DVD and one more deleted scene for you to check out. This is another clip from the abandoned first episode storyline, where the group returns to the Vatos.

Here are some more details via EW on how the first episode was originally planned out: [There is an] "intense sequence in which Shane’s car breaks down just a few blocks away from the explosion, leaving him isolated from the group and having to fight off and outrun an army of the undead before finally being rescued by the group in the RV. But what happened after that?

...following Shane’s rescue, we see the survivors trying to seek shelter with some familiar faces from season 1— Guillermo and the Vatos. But when Rick and Co. arrive back at the nursing home where Glenn was once held hostage, well…the people they find there are not people at all, setting off a frenzied attack."

The Walking Dead Season 2 is released to Blu-ray/DVD on August 28th, but keep an eye out for our early review and exclusive details before the end of the month. Interested in learning more? We've included a number of previously released clips and the cover art below. Make sure to check out the second Vatos clip for a zombie attack scene that follows the events of the new clip.

Vatos Zombie Attack Deleted Scene:


Robert Kirkman Featurette- Spoiler Warning: Don't watch this clip if you haven't finished season 2.

Greg Nicotero Featurette: 

Blu-ray/DVD Trailer:

Source: TV Guide