Horror legends gathered in Alberta this past summer for the 9th Annual Calgary Horror Con, and Daily Dead columnist and Corpse Club co-host Scott Drebit was once again on hand to host two panels at the largest horror convention in Canada! In case you weren't in attendance, we were recently provided videos of the panels to share online, featuring the iconic Danielle Harris and legendary Kane Hodder.

The Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder panels can be viewed in their entireties below, featuring career-spanning, insightful conversations moderated by Drebit.

We'd like to give a very special thanks to Jennifer H. of GOghVIDEO for providing us with this footage. Be sure to visit her YouTube channel to watch other panels from Calgary Horror Con 2019!

We'd also like to thank Calgary Horror Con for bringing horror legends to Alberta for nearly a decade, and for giving Daily Dead the opportunity to help take part in the horror celebration. To learn more about Calgary Horror Con, visit:

Panel videos courtesy of GOghVIDEO / Calgary Horror Con:

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