I have made no secret of my fandom for Kansas City-based horror filmmaker Jill Gevargizian, whose résumé of short films includes “Call Girl” (2014), “Grammy” (2015), and the award-winning “The Stylist” from 2016, which garnered awards at both Fantastic Fest and Etheria Film Night. For her latest project, Gevargizian has teamed with Kansas City recording artist Loogey for a music video that ought to make horror fans happy.

The video, which Gevargizian calls “epic and evil,” is for the track “I’m Ready,” and debuted on Halloween this year. It teams the hip hop artist with Gevargizian and showcases her flair for the morbid and her usual impeccable visuals, as anyone who has watched her short films can attest. She makes horror look beautiful.

“I’m Ready” is unusually ambitious and polished for an independently shot music video, and the touches of horror that are added throughout give the song a new, more macabre meaning. Since I first saw “The Stylist” (available to stream now on Shudder), I’ve been telling everyone I can that Gevargizian needs to direct a feature. She’s one of the most promising voices in indie horror right now, and I can’t wait to see what she does with an even bigger canvas.

The video was produced by Method Media and Sixx Tape, Gevargizian’s production company. It marks the third collaboration between the two companies, with more projects planned for the future. “I’m Ready” can be found on Loogey’s just-released sophomore album Jaded, and you can watch the full music video for the song below.

From Sixx Tape: The video is about a man who sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune, and is forever stuck in a loop to fulfill his end of the bargain. "We shot it over 6 days, in 6 different locations all over Kansas City with a fairly large cast and crew. The concept was written by Loogey—I was blown away by it. He had a very grand and detailed vision, but I felt he trusted me to take the reigns. I am very thankful for that and very proud of video,” said Gevargizian.

Photo credit: Above photo from Ted Blunty via Twitter.

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