In case you missed it earlier this week, SNL spoofed The Duffer Brothers' Stranger Things on their latest episode, which featured guest host Lin-Manuel Miranda from Hamilton.

"In season 2 of Stranger Things, Lucas' parents (Leslie Jones, Kenan Thompson) put a stop to Lucas (Sasheer Zamata) spending so much time with Mike (Kyle Mooney), Dustin (Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Eleven (Kate McKinnon)."

Featuring a tone influenced by James Cameron's big approach to sequels (Aliens, Terminator 2: Judgment Day), The Duffer Brothers tell EW that the second season of Stranger Things will bring back most of the characters from season 1, will cross town lines, explore more of the Upside Down, incorporate at least four new characters (one of whom is called "The Lost Brother"), and consist of nine episodes compared to the first season's eight installments.

Although an exact premiere date has yet to be announced, Stranger Things Season 2 is expected to debut in 2017 on Netflix.

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