In the living dead apocalypse, sometimes a blade—and someone who knows how to use it—is better than a bullet, as evidenced in our exclusive clip from Zombies, a new horror film co-starring the great Tony Todd.

You can watch Tony Todd and two other survivors fight their way through a living dead horde in our exclusive clip below, and keep an eye out for Zombies in select theaters and VOD platforms on September 29th.

"Legendary horror icon Tony Todd (Candyman, The Man from Earth) delivers another bucket of fun and blood when he takes up the fight against the horde of the undead that has taken over the world in ZOMBIES, also starring Steven Luke (War Pigs, upcoming Wunderland), Raina Hein (“America’s Next Top Model” 2010) and Aaron Corteau (After the Dawn). Written and directed by Hamid Torabpour, and produced by George Cameron Romero and executive produced by Jared Safier, ZOMBIES opens in theatres and will be available on VOD September 29.

Synopsis: With the world in shambles, plagued by a zombie outbreak, Luke works to clear the streets of the undead, helping anyone left unscathed. After a rescue mission goes off the road, Luke is saved by his old flame, Bena (Raina Hein). Back at camp, they join up with Detective Sommers (Tony Todd) before they are over run by a horde of the undead."

Photos (both below and above) courtesy of Winterstate Entertainment:

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