Victoria fled her wrathful stepfather one full moon night only to be attacked by something even worse and not entirely human: a "werefrog." In Bad Blood: The Movie, out on October 13th in select theaters and VOD platforms, Victoria seeks seclusion from her former life after her run-in with the werefrog, but as our exclusive clip from the Level 33 film indicates, running away from her family—and her dreadful destiny—will not be easy.

Below, you can watch a private investigator discover Victoria's tranquil hideaway in our exclusive clip from Bad Blood: The Movie. Level 33 Entertainment will release the new horror film in select theaters and on VOD platforms beginning Friday, October 13th.

Written and directed by Tim Reis, Bad Blood: The Movie stars Mary Malloy, Vikas Adam, Troy Halverson, Brian Troxell, Grayson Kilpatrick, Tomi Lavinder, and David Alexander. To learn more about the film, visit iTunes and Facebook.

Synopsis: "Returning home from college, Victoria Miller finds herself in a loveless home with her broken mother, her cruel stepfather, and her snot-nosed stepbrother. When she escapes one full moon night in her stepfather’s car, she is nearly mauled to death by an amphibious “werefrog”. Soon Victoria herself transforms into the hideous frog monster and wreaks havoc on her family and town."

  • Derek Anderson
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