If you're having a problem with something strange and you need a good laugh, the best place to call is Paranormal Solutions Inc., a team of investigators who have encountered all manner of phenomena, including a Sasquatch, the demonically possessed, and a Blockbuster-haunting ghost. Don't believe me? See for yourself in the first five hilarious episodes of Cocomilk TV's new webs series, Paranormal Solutions Inc., available to watch right here on Daily Dead.

From the Press Release: "Paranormal Solutions Inc. follows Jared (David Milchard, Streamy Award Winner, Best Actor in a Comedy), the straight-laced co-founder of Paranormal Solutions Inc. who is looking to rebrand the company to no longer specialize in ghosts exclusively by creating the slogan, “We believe in EVERYTHING!” Sarah (Julia Benson), Jared’s ex and co-founder, is not completely on board with the rebranding idea, but appreciates the new business that’s drummed up. With their team, Jared and Sarah document their attempts to capture, authenticate and expel the spirits, and respond to other supernatural happenings in the Pacific Northwest.

A comedy first and foremost, Paranormal Solutions Inc. also aims to be a legitimate destination for hardcore sci-fi fans. The core of the series asks the question, “If we were to encounter this for real, what would we actually do?” With the setting of the story identical to modern day lives with the only exception of monsters being real, comic situations arise. The heroes of the series have to face real consequences such as who deals with cleanups after buildings are destroyed and whether killing a werewolf counts as homicide. By approaching a paranormal world from this point of view, the series creates a dark, insightful, situational comedy.

The first season of the series will consist of eight 10-minute standalone episodes. Each episode deals with a different paranormal phenomenon with a comic twist, and each main episode will spawn two companion episodes connected to the narrative. In total there will be 10 videos a week of extended world building content allowing the viewer to explore different elements of the show and the characters.

Paranormal Solutions Inc. is a joint project by production companies Sociable Films and Rare Little Bird Pictures. At the helm of the project are David Milchard, Nicholas Carella and Michelle Ouellet, who are producers, stars and writers of two of the most successful web series to come out of Canada – The True Heroines and Convos With My 2-Year-Old.

The series will premiere on brand new YouTube Channel CocoMilkTV operated by CocoMilk Productions, Matt Clarke (creator of Convos With My 2-Year-Old) and David Milchard."

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