Watch the First Trailer for The Barrens

2012/08/22 16:16:20 UTC

It was announced that Darren Lynn Bousman's latest film, The Barrens, will see a Blu-ray/DVD release this October. We've seen very little content from the film up to this point, but the official trailer has been released and have it for you to watch.

Synopsis: "It's known as the Jersey Devil, the winged beast spawned 400 years ago by Satan himself. Some say this creature still inhabits the dense pine forests of southern New Jersey, where Richard Vineyard (Stephen Moyer, True Blood) takes his family for a rustic weekend camping trip. As the Vineyard family ventures further into the woods in search of the perfect campsite, Richard teeters on the edge of sanity. And it seems that the blood-crazed demon called The Jersey Devil may no longer be just a myth. Mia Kirshner (The Vampire Diaries), Erik Knudsen (Saw II) and Allie MacDonald (House at the End of the Street) co-star in this twisted chiller from writer/director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II-IV) about a new kind of horror that lives – and kills – in a place called The Barrens."

Special Features include a deleted scene and audio commentary with Darren Lynn Bousman and director of photography Joseph White. This movie is being released October 3rd on DVD and a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and we've included the official cover art below.