Featuring fun and frightful poems, Darren Field's Vault of the Macabre shorts are always a treat, and his latest one, All Hallows' Eve, embraces the spooky spirit of the season with narrations by Jason Marsden and Dee Wallace.

"DARE YOU ENTER!?? Vault of the Macabre present's All Hallow's Eve- A trilogy of terror for Halloween. Three Spooky Poems to send chills down your spine. Featuring Narrations from Dee Wallace (Critters, The hills have eyes, Cujo, The Frighteners), Jason Marsden (Hocus Pocus, Eerie Indiana, The Munsters today) and introduced by Larry Kenney (Count Chocula, Thundercats)... Happy Halloween!"

  • Derek Anderson
    About the Author - Derek Anderson

    Raised on a steady diet of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Derek has been fascinated with fear since he first saw ForeverWare being used on an episode of Eerie, Indiana.

    When he’s not writing about horror as the Senior News Reporter for Daily Dead, Derek can be found daydreaming about the Santa Carla Boardwalk from The Lost Boys or reading Stephen King and Brian Keene novels.