In anticipation of the 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott's Alien, last year Fox and Tongal opened submissions for original pitches set in the Alien universe. Out of more than 550 pitches, six ideas were turned into official short films as part of a new digital anthology series, and you can now watch the second of those six short films, "Specimen," in its blood-curdling entirety.

You can watch "Specimen" below via IGN, and we also have the previously released Alien short film, "Containment," courtesy of IGN.

From IGN: To celebrate Alien's 40th anniversary and in partnership with Tongal, 20th Century Fox is releasing new Alien-universe fan-made short films leading up to Alien Day on April 26th.

Directed by Kelsey Taylor, the synopsis for "Specimen" reads: "It's the night shift in a colony greenhouse, and Julie, a botanist, does her best to contain suspicious soil samples that have triggered her sensitive lab dog. Despite her best efforts the lab unexpectedly goes into full shutdown and she is trapped inside. Little does she know, an alien specimen has escaped the mysterious cargo, and a game of cat and mouse ensues as the creature searches for a host."

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