If you make a living ruining the lives of others, you might expect karma to come calling with a vengeance, and that's exactly what happens in Giorgio Serafini's Agenda: Payback, and the official trailer for the new thriller proves that "to punish a sin you must become a sinner."

Directed by Giorgio Serafini from a screenplay by Garry Charles, Agenda: Payback is out now on VOD platforms from Level 33 Entertainment. The new thriller stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Eric Balfour, Cherilyn Wilson, Luke Massy, and Nick Stevenson. To learn more, visit the film on Facebook and iTunes.

Synopsis: "Steve Walsh lives a life of luxury, built on the ruins of other people’s dreams. His targets never retaliate. But Peter Farrell is different — he's dangerous and has nothing to lose. Peter's life has been destroyed by Steve and he wants revenge. He will stop at nothing to get it and Steve’s previous life of wealth and opulence will disintegrate, never to return to normal again."

  • Derek Anderson
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