"Don't you just wish you could do something... lighter?" Andrew Lincoln asks Norman Reedus during a a little downtime on The Walking Dead set. In a new NBC video celebrating Red Nose Day (which took place on May 26th), the duo imagine what it would be like if The Walking Dead spoofed the opening of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

Featuring Jeff Goldblum and Yvette Nicole Brown as Daryl's family, Steven Yeun with a ventriloquist dummy named Edmund Rottington III, David Morrissey dressed up as Elvis, Dax Shepard and Chris Hardwick as Han Solo, Melissa McBride ready to do a 16-minute drum solo, and Merle's hand as, well... Merle's hand, the intro to The Walking Dead Red Nose Day Special teases quite possibly one of the most entertaining projects that will never get made. But you can still watch the hilarious intro below and think, "What if?"

Fans who were excited by Adult Swim's recent announcement of Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead Special can enjoy a little tease of the "still in progress" project in the Red Nose Day video, as a claymation version of Daryl Dixon is shown (see the image below).

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