The latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, "Crossed", contained character development from all three storylines, resulting in a quieter episode that very well could be the calm before the mid-season finale storm. While "Crossed" features stellar performances, zombie extra Fred, in addition to comparing Abraham to Duke Nukem, voices his desire for more walkers in the second episode of Funny or Die's The Walking Fred.

Written by and starring Luke Barnett and helmed by co-creator Vincent Masciale, The Walking Fred will return next week to recap the mid-season finale, "Coda." We have the official press release and this week's episode below:

"(Los Angeles, CA) November 26, 2014 - Popular comedy website Funny Or Die released a new episode of its Walking Dead recap series today. The Walking Fred features Fred, a very dedicated zombie extra, vlogging directly from the set in full make-up as he watches the latest episode, “Crossed”.

Fred feels strongly that his role as WALKER on “The WALKING Dead” is really what makes the show great, and that definitely shows as he fast forwards past human storylines in favor of finding more zombie heavy moments. I guess every show needs a Johnny Drama in its cast, and it appears The Walking Dead is no different.

Unfortunately, this episode’s zombie count definitely leaves Fred less than satisfied. Hopefully, for Fred’s sake, next week’s season finale will be filled to the brim with Walkers.

Luke Barnett wrote and stars as Fred in the series that is directed by co-creator Vincent Masciale."

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