"There's life on other planets. Well... by life, I mean some extraterrestrial water-borne primordial virus from hell." A spacecraft bringing back water from Mars seems like a cause for celebration at first, but then it crash-lands and unleashes a zombie infection. Now terminal cancer-stricken Josh Hershberg is trying to find a new life in a dead world in Writer/Director Mitch Cohen's zombie short, Super Zero.

Super Zero takes the tried and true horror genre environment of a zombie apocalypse and throws some interesting new ideas into it, including an intriguing protagonist who was suicidal when the world was healthy, but found a new reason to live when the blood hit the fan, all the while having his own ticking death sentence swirling in his head. Also featured in the short are unique weapons straight out of a James Bond movie or a steampunk novel. We have the synopsis and the short in its entirety:

"When Josh Hershberg, a 20 year old introverted geek culture lover is diagnosed with terminal brain can- cer, he believes he isn’t special and has nothing to offer the world. However, on the day he decides to kill himself and end it all, a vessel carrying the first sample of liquid water discovered on Mars crashes to Earth on re-entry sparking the Zombie Apocalypse.

One month later, the world has gone to hell and Josh has set off to wander through the madness alone. He stumbles upon his crush, her cousin and a wayward pizza party clown trying to find their way to safety. In the middle of a sudden Zombie attack, the three learn that Josh is immune to being a target of the undead due to his rare illness. Josh, using his comic-book/gaming/movie knowledge and engineering expertise crafts Zombie killing weapons and heroically saves the lives of his copatriots earning him a place in their ragtag group.

In the process, Josh discovers, once and for all, you may not know what makes you special, but your time will come. And perhaps, when the biggest epic fail ever to happen to civilization triggers the rising of the dead to kill the living, one may find that there is a zombie assassin in all of us."

Written and directed by Mitch Cohen, Super Zero stars Umberto Celisano, Giselle Gilbert, Al Bernstein, and Tyler Whte, with Bobak Ferdowsi “MoHawk Guy” as himself.

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