Weekend Box Office Update

2014/02/02 21:38:53 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Super Bowl weekend traditionally results in low ticket sales and this weekend was no different. Universal isn't complaining, though, as it allowed Ride Along to take the top spot for another weekend. With a production budget of only $25 million, Ride Along is at $92.9 million in the US and will have no problem crossing the $100 million mark.

Frozen continues to stay strong and has earned $360 million in the US since opening. That Awkward Moment was one of two new releases this weekend and took third place with $9 million. There's one horror movie on the top ten and it's barely hanging in there. I, Frankenstein placed tenth in its second weekend, bringing its total to $14.4 million in the US. The movie was produced for an estimated $65 million.

Next week sees the release of The Lego Movie, The Monuments Men, and Vampire Academy, so the top ten should look pretty different next weekend. Here are the results for this weekend:

1. Ride Along - $12,314,000
2. Frozen - $9,310,000
3. That Awkward Moment - $9,010,000
4. The Nut Job - $7,613,000
5. Lone Survivor - $7,161,000
6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - $5,400,000
7. Labor Day - $5,300,000
8. American Hustle - $4,300,000
9. The Wolf of Wall Street - $3,550,000
10. I, Frankenstein - $3,520,000