Weekend Box Office Update

2012/04/22 20:37:45 +00:00 | Jonathan James

After holding the top spot for 3 weekends, The Hunger Games finally gave up the top spot. Think Like a Man took first place with $33 million and The Lucky One placed second with $22.8 million. The Hunger Games placed third, earning $14.5 million and bringing it's domestic total to $356.9 million.

The Cabin in the Woods fell to sixth place with $7.75 million. Since opening it has earned $26.9 million and should reach the mid-$30 million dollar mark before leaving theaters. We've had some readers surprised by the box office performance of The Cabin in the Woods and wanted to talk about it for a moment. A movie like this has a limited target audience and box office results don't always mean a movie is loved or hated. Look at a movie like Trick 'r Treat, which most people caught on Blu-ray/DVD. Shaun of the Dead only received a limited theatrical release in the US and earned a total of $30 million worldwide in theaters.

Also, don't forget that many people caught The Cabin in the Woods at early screenings and film festivals. While we don't think all horror fans in the US have gone out to support it, its box office performance is certainly not a failure and this is a movie that will continue to pick up steam over the years on Blu-ray/DVD/VOD. If you want to help support this film right now, drag your friends to the theater or considering seeing it a second time.

The big releases for next week include The Raven, Safe, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and The Five-Year Engagement. Here are the top 10 results for this weekend:

1. Think Like a Man - $33,000,000
2. The Lucky One - $22,805,000
3. The Hunger Games - $14,500,000
4. Chimpanzee - $10,205,000
5. The Three Stooges - $9,200,000
6. The Cabin in the Woods - $7,750,000
7. American Reunion - $5,200,000
8. Titanic (3D) - $5,000,000
9. 21 Jump Street - $4,600,000
10. Mirror Mirror - $4,114,000