Weekend Box Office Update

2012/07/08 17:20:27 UTC

The Amazing Spider-Man faced no real competition from the other new movies and claimed the top spot with $65 million for this weekend. The movie has earned $140 million since opening earlier this week and is performing quite well considering that this is a rebooted franchise, with a relatively unknown lead.

Savages and Katy Perry: Part of Me were the other new films this week, and while they didn't have huge opening weekends, their budgets are small enough that Paramount and Universal won't consider them a failure. Taking second place is Ted, which earned a respectable $32 million this weekend, and has reached a total of $120 million since opening. Ted should continue to have strong ticket sales over the coming weeks and could get close to The Hangover, which holds the top R-rated comedy spot with $277 million.

Prometheus has left the top 10, so we're going to stop reporting on its worldwide totals after today. In previous reports, we were looking at the chance of Prometheus having a sequel greenlit based on the box office performance of other Fox genre movies and felt that it needed to cross the $300 million mark. The movie currently sits at $294 million worldwide and international ticket sales over the next few weeks could help push it over $300 million. At this point, we feel like a sequel will depend on Blu-ray/DVD sales. With that being said, Prometheus will have some kind of presence at this year's Comic-Con, so we'll let you know if anything is announced.

Next weekend's wide release is Ice Age: Continental Drift and the following week sees the release of The Dark Knight Rises, which is sure to be a box office juggernaut. Here are the top 10 results for this weekend:

1. The Amazing Spider-Man - $65,000,000
2. Ted - $32,593,000
3. Brave - $20,162,000
4. Savages - $16,162,000
5. Magic Mike - $15,610,000
6. Madea’s Witness Protection - $10,200,000
7. Madagascar 3 - $7,700,000
8. Katy Perry: Part of Me - $7,150,000
9. Moonrise Kingdom - $4,642,000
10. To Rome with Love - $3,502,000