*Updated* Weekend Box Office Update

2012/09/23 20:05:56 UTC

It was another slow weekend at the box office, but we have an interesting situation where the top two spots are too close to call. House at the End of the Street has the higher theater count, while End of Watch has the higher ticket sales per theater average. We'll be able to update this story on Monday when the final results come in.

Resident Evil: Retribution took quite a tumble in the second weekend, earning only $6.7 million, but fits in line with the previous sequels' second weekend drops. Dredd 3D was the big genre opening of the weekend, but only earned $6.3 million. Although response from early screenings and critics were mainly positive, this wasn't made as an event movie. This movie was produced on a modest budget, and Karl Urban and Judge Dredd do not have the kind of mass appeal to get middle America into theater seats.

The Possession and ParaNorman continue to stay in the top ten and given their budgets, both studios should be happy with their performance. Next week sees the release of Hotel Transylvania, Looper, and Won't Back Down. Here are the top ten results for this weekend:

*Updated Totals for End of Watch and House at the End of the Street:

1. End of Watch - $13,152,000
2. House at the End of the Street - $12,287,000
3. Trouble with the Curve - $12,720,000
4. Finding Nemo 3D - $9,446,000
5. Resident Evil: Retribution - $6,700,000
6. Dredd 3D - $6,300,000
7. The Master - $5,000,000
8. The Possession - $2,630,000
9. Lawless - $2,321,000
10. ParaNorman - $2,297,000