Weekend Box Office Update

2012/09/30 18:09:28 UTC

It's been a slow month at the box office, but things finally pick up thanks to two new releases from Sony. Genndy Tartakovsky's Hotel Transylvania claimed the top spot, earning an estimated $43 million. Given the fact that Looper was an original sci-fi concept with a budget of only $30 million, it had a solid second place opening with $21 million.

It's worth noting that Pitch Perfect earned $5.2 million in only 335 theaters this weekend, with a per theater average of $15, 522. To put that in perspective, Hotel Transylvania's average was $12,840.

This weekend kicked off a steady stream of horror-themed releases and we'll see Tim Burton's Frankenweenie next weekend. Although the movie should have a big opening, Hotel Transylvania's success may take away some of Frankenweenie's potential ticket sales and could make for some interesting results next week. Here are the top ten results for this weekend:

1. Hotel Transylvania - $43,000,000
2. Looper - $21,200,000
3. End of Watch - $8,000,000
4. Trouble with the Curve - $7,530,000
5. House at the End of the Street - $7,154,000
6. Pitch Perfect - $5,200,000
7. Finding Nemo 3D - $4,066,000
8. Resident Evil: Retribution - $3,000,000
9. The Master - $2,745,000
10. Won’t Back Down - $2,700,000