Weekend Horror Trivia

2011/09/25 22:01:44 +00:00 | Jonathan James

1. Night of the Creeps: Greg Nicotero has an uncredited role in this film as a zombie extra.

2. Ghostbusters: The role of Peter Venkman was originally written with John Belushi in mind.

3. The Vault of Horror: Even though the film's title is taken from the classic comic book series, none of the segments are based off of stories from the comics.

4. The Shining: Danny Lloyd was unaware he was making a horror movie. It is said that Stanley Kubrick was protective of Danny and that he was told that they were making a drama.

5. Curse of Frankenstein: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing became friends on the set of this film, but had actually been cast together earlier in Hamlet and Moulin Rouge.

6. Drag Me to Hell: Ellen Page was cast in the lead role of Christine, but dropped out.

7. Resident Evil: George Romero was originally attached to write and direct the film, but left due to creative differences.

8. The Blood on Satan's Claw: The original idea for the film was an anthology format with three separate stories involving Satan's influence on others. Changes were made while the script was being written to tie the three stories together.

9. Black Christmas (1974): Bob Clark, who directed Black Christmas, also directed A Christmas Story.

10. The Return of Count Yorga: This movie was Craig T. Nelson's first film.