Weekend Horror Trivia

2011/07/24 19:14:08 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Reader and contributor Gemma St. Clair is back with a new list of horror movie trivia for this weekend:

1. Zombieland: The amusement park scenes were filmed at the Wild Adventures Theme Park (Valdosta, Georgia). While Jesse Eisenberg's character has a phobia of clowns, his real life mother worked as a party clown.

2. Desperation: Stephen King's original novel was released at the same time as The Regulators, written by King's alter ego Richard Bachman. Although the location and story are different, many of the characters appear in both novels.

3. An American Haunting: The film is based on a true story and book written by Brent Monahan titled The Bell Witch: An American Haunting the Famous Bell Witch.

4. Halloween (2007): During the scene in which two janitors enter Michael's room, there is a shot that shows him with his masks. If you look closely, you'll see one that resembles the mask from the original film.

5. The Fog (1980): Most of the film was shot at Bodega Bay. John Carpenter liked the location so much that he not only went back to film Village of the Damned, but bought a house there.

6. The Uninvited (2009): Emily Browning who plays Anna was twenty years old when she filmed this. Her character is mean to be 14.

7. Drag Me To Hell: Sam Raimi has a cameo in this film as one of the sprits that appears in the seance.

8. Jennifer's Body: The "waterfall that goes nowhere" is The Devil's Kettle, located in Judge Magney State Park (Minnesota).

9. The Lost Boys: Corey Feldman who plays Edgar Frog and Barnard Hughes who plays Grandpa share the same birthday: July 16th.

10. The Ruins: Both the original novel and screenplay are written by Scott B. Smith, but he included changes to the movie's story, including switching character deaths.