Thanks to a number of quality speciality labels, cult horror movies continue their push on Blu-ray and we have word that Werewolf Woman will be getting the high-definition upgrade in 2014. 

"A woman has dreams that she is a werewolf so she goes out and finds men. She proceeds to have sex with them and then rip their throats out with her teeth. She eventually falls in love but then she is raped and her lover is murdered so she goes out for revenge."

Raro Video just announced that Werewolf Women is one of their upcoming Blu-ray titles. It's likely to be released in 2014, but a specific date was not provided. The movie was released in 1976 and also went under the following titles: La Lupa Mannara also known as The Legend of the Wolf Woman, She-Wolf, Terror of the She Wolf, and Naked Werewolf Woman.

Werewolf Woman was directed by Rino Di Silvestro, written by Rino Di Silvestro and Anthony La Penna, and stars Annik Borel, Howard Ross, and Dagmar Lassander. We've included the trailer below and will let readers know when release details become available.